School-Age Building 360°

We are committed to giving your children an outdoor environment in which they can learn and grow!

We pick up children from several local elementary schools and bring them back to our spacious school-age facility. Our focus for after-school care is on providing a “wind down” time from the day.

Our teachers will work with each child at their pace, and to meet their individual needs. Teachers will provide one-on-one assistance with homework, or encourage the children as needed to complete tasks. Children will then be provided with free play indoors and outdoors as appropriate daily.

Teachers will facilitate activities that the children would like to work on- ie: art projects, science experiments, etc- but will also provide the freedom for children to decide what they need at this time of day. For some children that may mean sitting in a quiet area to read, while others will want to work on activities to engage their engineering skills.

Like what you see and want enroll your little one?