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At Shepherd’s Way Day School, we believe that children are very special individuals, eager and ready to learn about themselves and their world.  We believe that by providing them with a loving environment, rich with opportunities and new experiences, that we can help them reach their full potential.

Our slogan “giving our best when it means the most”, has real meaning to us at Shepherd’s Way. During a child’s first few years, their body and brain is developing faster than it will for the rest of their lifetime.  We have an awesome responsibility to meet this challenging and exciting time with excellence.

We believe it’s important to provide developmentally appropriate programs that are sensitive to children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs.  At Shepherd’s Way, we don’t only encourage learning; we encourage the love of learning.  We also believe it is imperative that children be taught respect and Christian values at a young age.  Our integrated Christian curriculum affords children hands on, interactive ways of learning biblical lessons.





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