Infant Area 360°

In our Infant Care Room, you will find an environment made specifically with the needs of your baby in mind. We created a safe comfortable space for them in which to grow and learn.

In the Infant Area You Will Find:
  • Windows that provide a warm atmosphere, filled with natural lighting.
  • A space with many things and toys for safe exploration.
  • Active and sleeping areas are separated.
  • A shoeless environment to keep the floors clean for our little ones!
  • A special infant outdoor courtyard environment designed especially for little ones. With plants to touch and smell, wind chimes, a swing for rocking, natural materials to explore and promote pulling up and cruising
  • Planned sensory experiences and water play.
  • Video cameras allow you to visit your child via the Internet at any time of the day.
  • Teachers are nurturing and responsive, and build loving relationships with each child.
  • Tummy time is encouraged and lots of playtime on the floor- working on developing gross motor skills, interacting with teachers and other infants, and exploring!
  • Materials and activities are individualized for each child and provided to stimulate development.

  • We support breastfeeding mothers by providing a private space for nursing/pumping for parents as well as employees. Many mothers stop by on breaks to feed or love on their little one!
Like what you see and want enroll your little one?