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Outdoor Environment

At Shepherd’s Way Day School we believe that children’s lives are enriched by a well-built, well-planned outdoor play environment.  We understand that children need outdoor space in which they can play safely, have opportunity to express their creative talents, and investigate new challenges.  We create high quality, healthy outdoor learning environments for children because we understand that children thrive in environments where they can fully participate in their natural world.


Shepherd’s Way Day School’s
campuses are designed for safe play at every age.  Each age level has a space uniquely built for them.

On the playgrounds of Shepherd’s Way you will find:


  • Our “back yard” is a unique habitat for birds, bugs and other little creature which allow children the opportunity to observe, inquire, and engage.
  • Our loose parts and building areas excite children’s natural curiosity and creativity.
  • Our garden beds provide children with numerous opportunities for hands on
    learning and afford them opportunities to grow, harvest, and eat the vegetables they have tended.
  • Safe climbing structures are located on each playground.
  • Sand and water play is always fun for our little ones.
  • Outdoor art easels allow expression and creativity inside and out.


We are committed to giving your children an outdoor environment in which they can learn and grow!

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