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Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindergarten is such an exciting year, full of learning, fun experiences, friends, memories, and getting geared up for Kindergarten! We are pleased to offer high preschoolers are ready for Kindergarten and equipped with the skills that they need to be successful.  44834571_10157935771619465_873848600025628672_n

We are able to address all of the developmental domains by using 4 curricula in our Pre-K classrooms:

  • Letterland, a multisensory approach to learning phonics and foundational literacy skills.
  • Conscious Discipline, which focuses on positive social/emotional development-using language to express feelings, learning appropriate ways to handle frustrations and anger, and promoting positive interactions with others, among many other skills;
  • Creative Curriculum, which guides all that we do in our classroom, shaping the way that we learn; a developmentally appropriate curriculum using project studies that follow the interests of the children, while weaving comprehensive skill development into activities and explorations;
  • and finally our Christian Curriculum, teaching us about God’s love for us. All of these tools are used in the classroom to ensure that we are working on each of the very important areas of development.


Literacy alone will not prepare your child for Kindergarten, but by taking each of the areas into account each day, we will be doing our best to make them successful students.

Teachers assess children on a regular basis, using this information to guide individual and classroom instruction and goals- teachers and parents meet for parent conferences to discuss these assessments once during the year, and more as needed or requested by parents.

Preschoolers are given free time daily in the classroom, as well as in our outdoor learning environments, which serve as an extension of the classroom. The outdoor environment provides teachable moments and exciting explorations. We are constantly updating our indoor and outdoor learning environments to scaffold learning experiences and challenge the thinking and reasoning of our children.


12 Principles of Child Development, from NAEYC

NAEYC Website

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