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Shepherd’s Way Day School: Colfax Location

What makes Shepherd’s Way unique?

At Shepherd’s Way Day School, we believe that the children are very special individuals, eager and ready to learn about themselves and their world.  We believe that by providing them with a loving environment, rich with opportunities and new experiences, that we can help them to reach their full potential.  Our slogan “giving our best when it means the most“, has real meaning to us at Shepherd’s Way.  During a child’s first few years, his body and brain is developing faster than it will for the rest of his lifetime.  We have an awesome responsibility to meet this challenging and exciting time with excellence. What makes Shepherds Way Day School special?

    • Five Star Rating from the NC Department of Health and Human Services, meaning that we exceed the state requirements in Program Standards, Staff Education, Staff/Child Ratio and Compliance with all Child Care Regulations.
    • Programs that are developmentally appropriate, sensitive to children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs.Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, child, tree and outdoor
    • Christian Values that are integrated into our curriculum and affords children hands on, interactive ways of learning biblical lessons.
    • Educated Staff members that are dedicated to our children and to professional development through training and higher education.
    • The Intergenerational Care Facility partnership with The Presbyterian Homes at River Landing that provides children daily intergenerational interactions with area residents, resulting in an increase in the quality of life for every child and every retired adult involved in the program.
    • Respectful Partnership between parents and teachers, providing opportunities for daily communication, and encouraging parents to regularly visit their child’s classroom and spend time in that environment.
    • Environments, indoor and outdoor, that were designed from the ground up with the needs of every age level in mind.
    • Security cameras that not only help insure the safety of our children but allow parents to view the events of the day from the work place, via the Internet.

Colfax Kids



Shepherd’s Way Day School is a Five Star rated 5,500 square foot, 6 classroom child care facility that opened on October 13, 2005.  Shepherd’s Way Day School offers quality programs for infants, toddlers, two’s and a school readiness program for preschoolers.  We have a before/after school program and a summer camp program for students age 5 through 12.

Our low student-teacher ratios guarantee that all children receive the love and personal attention that they deserve.

Age Teacher/Student Ratio
Infant 1:4
Toddler 1:5
2 Year Old 1:8
3 Year Old 1:10
4 Year Old 1:13

Our integrated Christian curriculum offers children of all ages an exciting, hands-on way to learn Biblical lessons.  We not only encourage learning, we encourage the love of learning.  We believe in positive guidance methods.  At Shepherd’s Way we implement consistent and age-appropriate limits that help to develop a sense of independence and responsibility in our children.  Our goal is to help our children
make good choices so that they can function in their world in a more positive way.

Our inter-generational approach to care gives Shepherd’s Way children and The Presbyte69233331_2541267722597107_7209345302052995072_nrian Homes at River Landing residents an opportunity to interact and build meaningful relationships.  Each day the familiar faces of the retired are welcome into the center to read a book to a child, or rock a baby, or interact with children in their classrooms.  Alternating groups of children will also be making daily visits to the assisted living areas and other areas in The Presbyterian Homes at River Landing.  Both groups benefit from the many activities that are planned each week such as hayrides, walks to the pond and quiet reading time.

The strength of our program lies in our dedicated and qualified staff members.  We support our teachers’ professional development with opportunities for training, resources, and supplements for higher education.  We are committed to obtaining and retaining educated, qualified individuals to care for and teach your child so that the attachments they form with their caregivers are nurturing, loving and secure.

The parent is the most significant person in a child’s life.  We strive to create a respectful partnership between parents and teachers.  We provide opportunities for daily communication between parents and the staff of our center.  Our doors are always open to parents.  We recommend that parents come regularly into their child’s classroom and spend time in their environment.

At Shepherd’s Way we will continually work to earn the trust placed in us.    The Star Rated License is a comprehensive program that helps to determine the overall quality of a child care center.  Stars range from 1 to 5 stars.  Obtaining 5 stars requires a center to perform well above the minimum in three major areas:

  • Program Standards, Staff/Child Ratio & Environmental Rating for Centers

Our primary goal at Shepherd’s Way is to better serve families and children by providing them with a high quality child care alternative.

58800385_2316432721713311_1850190409817391104_nHours of Operation

Monday-Friday from 6:45 A.M. until 5:45 P.M.

Closed on the following Holidays:

New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

The Week of July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day and the Friday After

The Week of December 25

One of our greatest strengths at Shepherd’s Way Day School is our quality programs, each uniquely designed for appropriate age level care, education and play!


In our Infant Care Rooms you will find an environment made specifically with the needs of your infant in mind, a safe comfortable space for them in which to grow and learn. What makes our infant environment so special?IMG_0830

  • A shoeless environment ~ to help in keeping germs off of the floor where our little ones are learning to crawl and move around the room.

  • Daily schedules tailored to meet the needs of each child.
  • Active and sleeping areas are separated.

  • Infants are given lots of supervised tummy time to encourage motor skills to develop appropriately.

  • Infants are given the time and space to freely move about the classroom and explore materials.
  • Ratio of 1 teacher to every 4 children.

  • A special infant outdoor environment designed especially for little ones.

  • Caregivers who understand the needs of your infant and respond to them in loving ways.

Toddler Care offers a safe environment in which toddlers can explore, a space that provides them the challenge they thrive on while giving them the protection they need.  What makes our toddlers’ and twos’ environment so special?

  • A challenging, safe space for children to freely explore

  • Ratios: 1 teacher to every 5 children for toddlers 1 teacher to every 8 children for two year olds70920646_2786093374754267_1218149915960541184_n

  • Windows which allow children to see out and natural light to come in.

  • Loving caregivers who nurture your child’s growing sense of autonomy, while giving them the support and affection they need.

  • A variety of toys, materials and experiences which offer your child choices.

  • Teachers trained and educated in early childhood practices.

  • Opportunity to participate in Baby Grand Music Instruction when they are around 2.5 years- including music class with our senior friends.

  • A special, exciting outdoor environment designed especially for your little one.

  • Video cameras, which allow you to visit your child by Internet any time of the day.


Preschoolers/Pre-Kindergartners need an environment that is filled with rich opportunities and new experiences, with teachers who love them and nurture their growing independence.  What makes our preschool environment so special?58800385_2316432721713311_1850190409817391104_n

  • An integrated Christian curriculum.

  • Low ratios and small groups sizes.

  • On-site nature trails and children’s  vegetable and flower gardens.

  • Windows which allow children to see out and natural light to come in.

  • Opportunity for independent play and exploration.

  • An exciting outdoor environment.

  • Opportunity to participate in Baby Grand Music InstructionLittle Hoopers Gang, and Kinder Kixx

  • Teachers who are trained and educated in early childhood practices.Video

    cameras, which allow you to visit your child by Internet any time of the day.

School Age Children need an environment that handles the various activities in which they are now involved.  They have homework that must be done daily, but still need time for play and physical activities.  What makes our school age program so special?


  • Pick up from area schools

  • A nutritious snack after school

  • Indoor and outdoor games and activities

  • A computer for help with homework and educational games

  • An exciting outdoor play environment with opportunities for climbing, playing ball, gardening and quiet study

  • Weekly field trips such as hiking, skating, and visiting nearby attractions

  • Experienced, educated teachers

  • Low ratios and small group sizes

  • An environment designed specifically for this age group

Summer Camp is also offered for school age children when they are not attending school and need to be with us full time.  This camp offers many rich opportunities for children during their week and exciting events are always on the calendar!












Todd Lassiter

Todd Lassiter is the Business Administrator and assumes the responsibilities directly related to the daily operations of the facility.  These include purchasing, accounting, human resources, marketing, public relations, safety and security.  Todd holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  In addition, Todd has 20 years experience in business administration, purchasing and operations management.


Devon Walton

Devon Walton, Executive Director, holds an Associates of Arts degree from Randolph Community College and is currently working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood at Western Carolina University.  Devon handles the day-to-day operations for the Colfax site as well as overseeing operations at both of our centers, concentrating on program standards, state compliance and teacher/parent training. . 


Shepherd’s Way Day School encourages visitation by parents and future clients.

Please note that tours for new families and potential enrollment are by appointment only. 

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and baby

We are located just off Sandy Ridge Road at the following address:

 Shepherd’s Way Day School at River Landing

1575 John Knox Drive Colfax, NC  27235

phone:  336-665-5007    fax: 336-665-5008

 email:  swdsriverlanding@hotmail.com

67103722_2458717077484874_4632830717951213568_nHours of Operation:

Monday-Friday from 6:45 A.M. until 5:45 P.M.

Closed on the following Holidays:

New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

The Week of July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day and the Friday After

The Week of December 25th





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